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(30 Tablet pack)

Senalex is a 100% Natural Laxative which is an excellent solution if one is constipated.

Store below 30 degree Celcius.

Constipation is ruining your mornings, damaging your mood, and maybe even impacting your health. A simple solution is all you need to get back on track with Senalex. These natural laxatives are an excellent way to get moving & start your day off right. They’re affordable, easy to use, and they work quickly – giving you the opportunity to enjoy mornings again!

Constipation and other bowel issues can be resolved with just one tablet. Senalex is a natural laxative which aids in the regularity of bowel movements. For those experiencing chronic constipation, Senalex offers a natural solution that works for everyone.

Say goodbye to constipation forever! With Senalex, you can have a healthy bowel movement at any time- day or night. Best of all, it’s 100% natural and safe – it’s also gentle on your stomach. Just take a tablet and let it do its job.

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